My Switch from Flinstones Vitamins to Renzo’s Dissolvable Vitamins


I’m sure we all remember being kids and pretty much od’ing on Flinstones Vitamins. I didn’t think of them as a vitamin but more as candy. It makes sense now since they have added sugar that isn’t necessary for anyones nutrition. When Penny turned 1 our pediatrician suggested we start giving her a multivitamin like Flinstone’s. I didn’t think twice I rushed to CVS and got two bottles. All was well and Penny loved them for a few months but then one day she just stopped liking them. I personally didn’t like the idea of the gummy vitamin because most of them also have added sugar. So I kind of gave up after trying a few other brands I saw at CVS. Just like a normal picky toddler she wanted nothing to do with her vitamins.

A friend Nicky from @Hypegirls introduced me to Renzo’s Dissolvable Vitamins.


So naturally I think well this must taste like crap but…… Penny loved them!! She begged for more ( I will be posting the video on my social media today). They dissolve pretty much instantly in your mouth so none of that chalky after taste of chewable vitamins. She tried the Picky Eater and the Vitamin D samples. I am also so happy they are local here to Miami. They have a great story are truly making an amazing and healthy product that my kid loves. WIN WIN! We have found our new vitamin! Check them out and sign up for their email list to get 10% off your first order.

Penny highly recommends that you try this amazing product.

  • Locally made
  • Dissolves fast so it’s and easy process for us parents
  • Taste’s great
  • Packed with 3X more nutrition
  • Penny begs for more!

#TeamRenzos #KidsOnAMission #MommaMessie #MommaMessieApproved #Hypegirls

Renzo’s Vitamins

Special thanks to Nicky from @Hypegirls for always sharing your knowledge.


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