Zero Sugar, plus Iron in a children’s vitamin = Win win!

Lately I have been raving and ranting about these new children’s vitamins I discovered for Penny. Renzo’s Dissolvable Vitamins. When Penny turned 1 her blood work showed that she was low in iron so our pediatrician suggested we use an iron supplement for kids. At the time she told me to give Penny half a Flintstone’s chewable vitamin with iron and call it a day. Penny had her days where she loved it and others where I found a sticky supposed to be chewable vitamin stuck on the couch. It was tough and I was worried we weren’t going to be able to find the right multivitamin with iron for Penny. Not to mention how scared I was that she would choke on her chewable vitamin. From ages 1-5 children are more susceptible to suffer from iron deficiency due to rapid growth and more than likely will need an iron supplement. Along with trying to feed Penny iron rich foods we have discovered Renzo’s Iron Strong Dissolvable Vitamins.


Renzos Iron strong

Finally a toddler iron supplement I felt great about!

  • Dissolvable… which means no more sticky vitamins on my couch and much safer
  • GMO Free- (everything should be GMO free)
  • Vegan- for all my Vegan Momma’s and toddlers out there
  • Gluten free- for any children sensitive to gluten
  • ZERO SUGAR, but it tastes like delicious oranges!

Let’s talk about sugar intake… So many chewable and gummy vitamins on the market add sugar to make the taste more appealing to children. Renzo’s vitamins have ZERO SUGAR which is one less thing I need to worry about. I don’t know how they found a way to make such a great tasting and not to mention insanely easy to give to your toddler vitamin but they did. Now we feel much better about her iron supplement. I highly recommend this product and Penelope loves them! Start the new year right with an awesome children’s multivitamin with iron for your little ones.

Use code: MOMMAMESSIE15 for 15% off your order

Check out Renzo’s Vitamins online!





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