I take my kid EVERYWHERE


I take my 2 year old everywhere I go. I always have since the day she was born. Mostly because I never have a sitter but I must admit I’m very attached to her so it’s easier to take her with me then be worrying about finding someone to watch her.

People without kids don’t understand this. I feel like they think kids are like dogs you just kind of leave them with some food and water with someone and they are fine. When people tell me “I’m sure you can find a sitter” I laugh. It’s really not easy to find someone that will give up their weekend to watch over a child. My mom and stepdad are younger grandparents or as I refer to them “Hip Grandparents” so they have a social life on the weekends.

So Penny goes everywhere with me. Just in the past few months we have gone to the beach several times, Carnaval on the Mile, festivals, markets, restaurants and she’s even been to a few bars. People stare at me as if I’m a horrible mother for even bringing my kid anywhere with me. Well Fuck them! I have fun with her and I am responsible with her. My ergo baby 360 is a game changer because she won’t be running around disturbing anyone but the fact of the matter is she is my little human and I will take her where ever I please. I am trying to work on getting a fun group of moms together that want to casually drink, vent about our kids while watching them make new friends. So if you are a cool mom that doesn’t give a shit about what other people think let’s do this.

One thought on “I take my kid EVERYWHERE

  1. I take my kid everywhere too. We actually just left her for the second time in 2.5 years last night…she’s been to more restaurants, bars, theatres, concerts, and random gatherings than a lot of 30 year old.


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