What is going on?

IMG_4352People warned about this but I didn’t listen. Every time I bragged about how perfect she slept 8-10 hours straight each night they laughed. It’s just a phase they said. Don’t bring her to your bed they said. Wait until the random 3am wake up call starts they said.

Well f*ck this time they were right. I have no clue what happens around 3 am. I know it’s the witching hour and yes I do believe in that stuff but this can’t be happening. She has never given us any issues at night. Yeah sure here and there when a tooth was breaking in or she had a cold but she seems perfectly fine when we go get her. Almost like she’s ready to party. I know some parents think I should let her cry and soothe herself. I don’t get her right away I wait a few minutes but I can’t do that I start leaking everywhere and it breaks my heart. She’s only going to be this little once and I am going to enjoy every moment I can be there for her. Since I am still breast feeding her dad goes and gets her changed brings her in the room I slap her on the boob and she’s back out in a few minutes and then goes back to the crib. Last night I was beyond exhausted and we all three just stayed in our bed. I wake up to use the bathroom and when I come back they had taken over the bed. Of course I took this adorable photo while my little munchkin and her dad slept peacefully. Oh well I got to get up a bit earlier and catch up on some pumping.

Hope you enjoyed my morning rant. Please if anyone knows what is going on clue this first time mom in.

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