What is going on?

IMG_4352People warned about this but I didn’t listen. Every time I bragged about how perfect she slept 8-10 hours straight each night they laughed. It’s just a phase they said. Don’t bring her to your bed they said. Wait until the random 3am wake up call starts they said.

Well f*ck this time they were right. I have no clue what happens around 3 am. I know it’s the witching hour and yes I do believe in that stuff but this can’t be happening. She has never given us any issues at night. Yeah sure here and there when a tooth was breaking in or she had a cold but she seems perfectly fine when we go get her. Almost like she’s ready to party. I know some parents think I should let her cry and soothe herself. I don’t get her right away I wait a few minutes but I can’t do that I start leaking everywhere and it breaks my heart. She’s only going to be this little once and I am going to enjoy every moment I can be there for her. Since I am still breast feeding her dad goes and gets her changed brings her in the room I slap her on the boob and she’s back out in a few minutes and then goes back to the crib. Last night I was beyond exhausted and we all three just stayed in our bed. I wake up to use the bathroom and when I come back they had taken over the bed. Of course I took this adorable photo while my little munchkin and her dad slept peacefully. Oh well I got to get up a bit earlier and catch up on some pumping.

Hope you enjoyed my morning rant. Please if anyone knows what is going on clue this first time mom in.

9 Month Blues

Penelope just turned 9 months old and I feel like it was yesterday I was crying in my boyfriends arms scared because I was pregnant. Now I’m worrying about baby proofing, college funds, baby #2 (one day not now), and so many other things. In this new era of sharing everything I feel like I haven’t done enough. Have I taken enough photos? Will I ever make baby albums? Have we done enough floor time? It’s so overwhelming to try to be this “perfect mom”. People tell me all the time I am an amazing mother but I am guilty of beating myself up for silly little things like the baby albums and carrying her too much. The way we parent now is completely different then it was 20 years ago. So essentially 20 years from now it may very well be completely different from now. There will never be a “How to be a perfect mom” guide for anyone. This scares me.

I read a lot of blogs and mom Instagram’s and try to absorb as much as I can but each day I am finding myself just winging it and going with the flow. Where does the time go? My sweet little angel is trying to stand on her own and knows how to push me away. I want to go back to when she was a little worm in my arms. I know you all hear this but it’s the best advice anyone can give you. Enjoy every single moment because it really just goes by way too fast. In this day and age when we are constantly on our phones it’s ok not to get that money shot but to truly live in that moment.

My breast feeding goal is 1 year and I have cried several times thinking about how this part of our journey is about to end. Everyone I try to talk to about it just says I’m crazy if I continue to do it for any longer. I joke and respond my new goal is until she’s 13 just to get them to shut up. Maybe that’s why I have been having baby fever because I don’t want my little baby girl to grow up just yet. Becoming a mother was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I have been lucky enough to be able to only go back to work part time and any moment apart from her I dread. One day she will have babies and I will be there trying to give her advice. She will probably be as hard headed as I am and not want to hear it. For right now she’s my little baby girl and I just want more time…

How we got through the first tooth

Our little Penelope stared her teething experience at 7 months. The excessive drool had already been going on for about a month prior. According to my 82 year old Cuban grandmother she has been teething since about week 2. I know some of you can relate to this. As first time parents we had heard horror stories about teething. I mean really bad stuff and everyone was trying to give their two cents. Our doctor let us know at the 6 month visit that for teething we shouldn’t use Orajel or Humphrey’s Teething Tablets. Apparently there were crazy side affects which was shocking to both my fiancée and I since both of us were given this when we were little. Nonetheless I really trust my pediatrician and prepared for a long and terrifying teething experience. While she did warn us about those other two, she did let us know that if she felt warm or we could tell she was in a lot of pain that some Tylenol could be given to help soothe the pain.

So every night at bath time before we got started with soap I would grab the wash cloth a gently massage her gums as if I was brushing her teeth. She loves this and it must feel good because she doesn’t ever want me to stop. This is eventually how I discovered the first tooth was coming. I noticed the gum line was a little tougher than usual and when I looked I could see there was something white underneath. OMG HER FIRST TOOTH!!!! Well I panicked a little bit because pf all the horror stories I heard. I imagined sleepless nights and never ending tears coming from Penelope. We experienced quite the opposite.

I designated a large tupperware for all her cold teething toys. We tried to buy everything BPA free and made sure if they were filled with liquid that it was a safe liquid incase it ruptured. I have about 15 of them. It seems excessive but she’s at the stage where she in throwing everything on the floor so instead of having to wash and wait for her teething toy to cool I can just toss the dirty one in the sink and grab another one.

IMG_3470The teething toy that was our favorite is the Baby Banana Bendable Tooth Brush for infants. She can chew on this for hours and it has a little rubbery brush at the tip so it actually helps promote healthy habits. We can not live with out this! Oh and neither can Penelope! I stick this in the tub to cool it everyday. For long rides in the car this is great. It goes for about 8.99 at Buy Buy Baby and you can use a coupon for it.

babanaIMG_3260Get lots and lots of absorbent bibs because the drool is never ending. I also rub vaseline or Honest Healing ointment on her cheeks and under her chin so she doesn’t get too irritated from all that excessive moisture.

I am still breast feeding so I comfort fed her a lot. I know it may considered a bad habit to some mommas out there but I could tell when she was in pain and just a few minutes on the boob always put a smile on her face. We also fed her solids that we knew she liked a lot. I literally added broccoli to every veggie because she can’t get enough.

She didn’t wake up too many times in the middle of the night to be soothed I would say less than 5 times. There was only one night where we gave her a little Tylenol because she was very uncomfortable but other else than that it was lots of love and attention, cold toys, lots of boob, and her favorite snacks. Here we are two teeth later and we all survived!!! Every baby is different and I’m glad our experience wasn’t anywhere near the terror stories we were told. I’m very happy we chose a less medicated way of soothing her. So far she hasn’t bitten my nipples either but I guess I will have to wait for the top teeth for that. Please share any remedies that helped you and your baby through teething.


My baby girl is now six months old. This is a pretty big deal. For me it’s been feeling almost like a birthday. So many things are changing again. With parenting the minute you get good at something and have it down packed it’s time to learn something new. My boyfriend and I have evolved as a couple and we have never been closer and more in tune with each other. I honestly could say that this is the happiest I have ever been in my life. This happiness has come with many sacrifices.

Originally I wanted to breast feed for 3 months. I went to a breast feeding course held by the hospital and after that I changed my goal to 6 months. Even 6 months felt like it would be a hard goal to reach but my boyfriend really wanted me to do what was best for her. A year is ideally what is recommended best but I thought to myself I don’t think I can give up a whole year of  my life doing this. I’m already committing to roughly 40 weeks being pregnant. Well it’s been 6 months and I am still going strong exclusively breast feeding my daughter. And I LOVE IT! Yes I love it. People find it hard to believe every time they ask me “Oh my God, you are still breast feeding your baby?” with a confused and nearly disgusted face, and I proudly say YES! Motherhood has taught me to be completely selfless for my daughter. I would do anything to keep her happy and healthy. I have given up my social life for the most part for this. When I have to feed my daughter in public people stare and point at me. Some even try to take pictures to probably upload on social media or send to a friend mocking me. At first I was so sensitive. At first I cried almost every day. Now I am so much stronger both emotionally and physically. As a mother I feel I can conquer most anything thrown at me. I even had a customer I helped the other day straight up tell me I was and idiot for listening to my doctor about breast feeding and that I was doing my child harm. I won’t lie that hit me to the core. I’ve noticed many moms judging one another and being harsh. Each parent has to make decisions every day about raising their kid. Those decisions are their own and should be respected. Yes you are entitled to your opinion but sometimes you really need to just shut the hell up and keep it to yourself. Being a mom is hard enough it doesn’t help to be bullied in a sense by another parent that simply doesn’t understand why you are breast feeding, or chose not to vaccinate your kids, or what ever the case may be. I myself was guilty of this. A lot more so in the beginning of parenthood and then after being judged and insulted myself I realized that I wouldn’t want to inflict that shame or pain on anyone else because of something they believed to be best for their child. I saw a video that really helped me understand this and they used the hashtag #endmommywars.


This is near and dear to my heart now and I want to bring awareness to this. Any one that knows me knows I’m a tough woman and I don’t take crap from anyone. I would consider myself confrontational but when I had complete strangers tell me their unwanted advice and point blank insult my choices as a mother I found myself drawing a blank and not saying much back to defend myself. I see now that I don’t need to fight back or start a war with then but instead respectfully stand up for myself and my decision and move on to something else. Your decisions are your own and unless we asked for your opinion please do us a favor and shut the F up. Let’s respect one another and support each other. Let’s not judge and belittle one another. We are mothers, fathers, parents to these tiny little humans that is hard enough. Enjoy every minute and don’t be afraid to let some one know their opinion isn’t necessary. You shouldn’t look at a mother and judge but instead understand that she is doing what she is doing for her own reasons. Remind yourself of the times someone has made you feel not so great and instead say good job.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Penelope’s First Trip- How to Travel with a Baby

plane gif

You are on a plane sitting down waiting to see who is going to fill those two seats next to you and then you see the young couple covered in tattoos with a new born. You quietly pray they are sitting elsewhere and you even contemplate how to ask the flight attendant to switch your seat if they do. As they reach you they start sitting down and you realize you are doomed for the flight! On top of that you are sitting in the window seat so you are trapped. But this momma came prepared and her baby behaved so well you didn’t even hear her cry once. You were even able to use the bathroom easily. The flight is over and you wish the parents well and your entire perception of babies on planes has changed forever.

At least that’t what I hope the ladies sitting next to us felt. My daughter just went on her first plane trip from Miami to New Jersey and I was freaking out about the whole thing. I used to travel for work and the minute I saw a baby board the plane I would cringe and pray they didn’t end up sitting next to me. Most of us are guilty of the same thing. After talking to a friend that travels from New York to Miami a whole lot with her son and reading some blogs I was able to get some great ideas that made the entire experience great.

Luggage, carry ons, strollers and more

We flew Jet Blue but most airlines are the same in this aspect. Each passenger gets one carry on and one personal bag plus any checked bags you purchased additionally. If you travel with and infant you can check your stroller and car seat at no charge. You have two options with this you can check it at the gate once your board the plane or when you first arrive to the airport and check into your flight. So you have the option to wheel your baby past security and use your stroller all the way to the end. We didn’t want to have to go thru security with another item to push and carry so we did baby wearing instead and checked both items in the beginning. It is important to protect your stroller and car seat while it is under the plane and through the bag carousels. You have seen how dingy and dirty your luggage comes back after they have come from the plane and you certainly don’t want the car seat and stroller your little baby sits on to get all dirty and possibly break while in their custody. We double bagged ours by wrapping them first in a heavy duty trash bag and then we purchased additional travel bags to protect them. These bags can get really expensive for the carseat if you choose to go with the name brand ones. I found a used one on eBay for about half of the retail price. To be honest the bags are going to get beat up and wet any way so if you find a used one in good condition get it.

gate bag 1pTRU1-4287273dt

Generic Stoller Travel Bag

Britax Car Seat Travel Bag

The red one I purchased at Buy Buy Baby for about $20 and used it for my Britax B-Agile Stroller. It’s not the best quality mine actually ripped a little but made it through the flight there and back. The car seat one I found used on eBay and I was able to fit my base, car seat, and a small chair that I wanted to bring on the trip. Again you can check them once or arrive or at the gate so just make sure to have it all planned before so you can quickly bag up your items.

MOMMA MESSIE TIP: They actually don’t open the stroller or car seat bags as you are checking them so if you didn’t have enough room in your luggage go ahead and put some items in those bags and you will not be charged. Be sure the weight is reasonable.

Since you have an infant you can bring milk on the plane. Yes a liquid!!! I am breast feeding so this doesn’t apply to me but any water juice or milk you need for your baby can go through security.

Baby Wearing is the way to go when traveling

Imagine going through security with one baby on your arm while taking off your shoes with the other, it’s a disaster. A friend recommended I use a baby carrier for the plane. After a ton of research I found the one I wanted the most and we purchased the Ergo Baby 360. We got a it about two weeks before the trip and I started getting her used to being in it for some time. The second time she was in it after 20 minutes she passed out. As we arrived at the airport I strapped her on while my boyfriend took care of the bags. I didn’t even have to remove her to go thru security but they do check your hands for some sort of chemical. Getting on the plane was breeze too while baby wearing. We ended up not using our stroller once the entire trip and I wore her most of my trip.

Baby Wearing while boarding a plane
Baby Wearing while boarding a plane

baby carrier

Ergobaby 360 Carrier

During the Flight

I brought my nursing pillow on board with me in my carry on to make the flight more comfortable for her and me. We chose to have her sit on us which is FREE. We noticed other parents purchased seats for their babies and had them in car seats. It’s a personal preference but none of those babies stayed in their care seats so I see it as a waste of money. I am still breast feeding so I didn’t have to worry about bottle and such so that was a lot easier as well. Babies ears can hurt because of the pressure on the plane just like yours would hurt but they don’t know how to stop it. If a baby is sucking on something while the plane goes up and and then descends that helps very much. I latched her on while we took off and again when we were getting ready to land. She had no discomfort because she was sucking on my breast when the pressure changed. A pacifier or bottle can help with this as well. I also packed books and colorful toys that were quiet as to not disturb others on the plane. Since I had my nursing pillow she just laid back and relaxed the whole flight. I was in shock but she was the best baby on the plane! I bought some ear plugs from eBay in case she got a little noisy so I can hand out to the people around but we didn’t even use them. (First time mom moment lol) Changing her diaper in the bathroom was easy as well. I’m very tiny so I can only speak from experience but the bathroom turns into a mini diaper changer and has a lot of room. I would pack some clorox wipes to clean it before. I used my diaper changing mat with her.

The main thing you want to focus on is finding something the will suck on so their ears won’t hurt. You yourself need to be relaxed. I know it’s easier said than done but babies sense your vibes so be positive and if they behave differently than expected just go with it not all babies are the same. You paid the same amount as anyone on that flight and all you need to worry about is your baby and you.

I would love to hear any suggestions about the topic and please feel free to comment with any questions about this experience.

Baby wearing overdose!!!

So I want to start wearing my baby around town especially since I am going on a plane trip soon. I’m sure I speak for so many other women, WOW there is so much information out there and so many different types of carriers and wraps and this and that. Geez! I almost gave up but I am determined to find a great carrier that works for my tiny body. I would also like to be able to breast feed her in it. Will get back to you all soon on my experiences! So far I’m between the Ergobaby 360 and the Lillebaby Mesh Comolete.

Do you really need that fancy bassinet?

Bassinets are a waste of money if you ask me. They serve only one purpose for the first maybe 6-12 weeks and then you are stuck with this large contraption that usually doesn’t fold away into a tiny space. You also can’t replace the mattress in most of them so resell value isn’t great. We went to Buy Buy Baby and asked about what people were using instead. Some people put the crib directly in their bedroom. That wasn’t an option for me because my crib is huge and made of solid wood so it is heavy an inconvenient to move around. Others decide to co sleep as in having your baby sleep in the bed with you. This idea terrifies me. I always pictured me or her father rolling over her and I just couldn’t. Plus we didn’t want to develop that habit so young. It’s important to us to be able to have our space too after all the baby has claimed every where else in the apartment. Then we learned about how pack and plays had evolved. They now have a higher level where you place the mattress and it can act as a bassinet. Most of them have diaper changers attached so you can easily access everything for that 2am feeding with out even leaving the room. Essentially your baby would use this as a bassinet, diaper changer, then eventually as a play yard. Your baby will use this for a few years instead of a traditional bassinet which will only be used for a few months. We chose this pack and play by Ingenuity.

Ingenuity Pack and Play Where Penelope slept for the first 6 weeks
Ingenuity Pack and Play
Where Penelope slept for the first 6 weeks



My mom has a Graco which is one of the most popular brands and it was a hand me down given to us by my little cousin so you can even use it again or resell it. We decided this was the best choice for us. I wanted Penelope right by my bed but wanted to know that once we were ready to transition her to her room this would still serve sort of purpose. We saved money by not buying a bassinet. They aren’t cheap at all either they range from $99 to about $500. Penelope slept in the napper portion swaddled tightly for 6 weeks. That when she started working her way out of the swaddle and had a desire to move around while she slept. We then popped that napper out and had her sleep in the play pen mattress but elevated. Our little girl does a 180 when she sleeps at night so having the freedom to move around just like she would in a crib was great for us because that is when she began to sleep through the night. I’m a breast feeding mom and having her right by my bed those first few months is crucial. We used the diaper changer that was attached so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way to her room each time. The diaper changer has little pockets as well where you can put diapers, wipes, and creams anything you need for you little one will be right there and safely away from her while she’s in the bassinet portion. Our daughter is now 4 months old and we are going to be transferring her to her crib at 6 months. We are only taking a little longer than usual because we are going to visit my dad in New Jersey and he has a similar play ben/bassinet combo for her to sleep in. I don’t want her getting used to a crib and then getting confused when we go up there. Eventually we would like her to sleep anywhere we put her down but for now that fact that she sleeps 7-9 hours right next to us is amazing and we are grateful. Once she makes the transition the we will lower the bassinet level of the playpen to the floor level and thats where she will safely play for years. Unlike a bassinet where you would just have to put away or get rid of.

Now for a review and comparison between the Ingenuity and Graco pack and play.

We purchased the Ingenuity Washable Pack and Play you see above. Here’s what I love about it. The print is gender neutral so you can use it for other children. The big seller for me was that you can take apart the whole thing and throw it in the washer these things get messy. Ours was $179.99 which was reasonably priced compared to other which couldn’t be washed. The diaper changer part is a little small compared to the Graco one my mom is using and since it has a washable slip cover on it she would slip and slide all around while we changed her. The Graco diaper changer is made of a rubbery material and is easy to clean if there are any accidents and the baby stays put while you change her. The Graco changer is also raised a bit more compared to the Ingenuity which doesn’t really affect me because I’m tiny but if you are tall it may be easier for you. Our Ingenuity pack and play did not come with a mobile for the baby but you can pick one up on Amazon that fits the rails of the pack and play. The Graco one was almost $100 more as well and did not have the bassinet portion. Less features, more money? Doesn’t make sense to me but, I have recently seen Graco evolving into this concept as well. Both Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby have samples of each of these out so go on in a test them out. Use a doll and see what fits you best.

This is Penelope now in the raised area of the pack and play as she sleep through the night.