Don’t give up! You can do this!

Ladies I’m feeling inspired at this moment and want to share some words of encouragement for anyone that is having a bad moment or feels like they might quit breast feeding. Whether it’s a growth spurt or the baby is comfort feeding read this before you give up….

I know it hurts. I know you are tired. I know everyone around you is suggesting formula. I know you feel like you have lost your mind. I know worst of all, you feel alone. You are not alone momma. You got your little one right there with you. Remember that you are both learning together. This is your best friend in the university of breast feeding. When times get tough and it hurts too much think of this. If you stop, you will no longer be the magic spell that stops your baby from crying at any time. Imagine your baby no longer needing you for that absolute comfort. Losing that special bond only you two can share. All those hours you got to just sit down relax and feed her. Sure you had better things to do but did you really? The way your baby looks at you and knowing you are providing every drop of calm, comfort, and nourishment. No one else but you. You are a superhero and your breast milk is your super power. Don’t give that up. Milk it. (pun intended) Be the super hero you would want them to look up to. You can sleep in a year, you can drink in a year, but will you be able to carry your little bundle of joy in your arms and have them not run away to play? Enjoy every second. The fun moments and the tough ones especially. You become more and more powerful as each day passes.

Hope this has helped some one.

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