I’m sorry I never write back….


I thought pregnancy brain was bad when it came to the simplest tasks like paying my bills or responding to a text but having an actual human makes every little thing that much easier to forget. I’m very sorry to all my friends and family that text me and never get a response. If you do get a response it is most probably days later and you won’t even remember what we were taking about by then. The good thing is I will always send a cute picture of my daughter and hope that makes everything much better. (It always works!) It’s not that I am ignoring you. It’s not that you aren’t important to me. It’s not that I don’t like you. I’m probably just chasing Penelope, cleaning the floors, cooking dinner while trying not to burn down the house or my daughter, trying to take a shower, trying to use the bathroom, or Penelope has taken my phone and I now have to use Find My iPhone and pray it isn’t in the toilet.

It isn’t easy keeping in touch with friends and family. In fact I haven’t seen a lot of my friends in months and it sucks. I don’t have much time for them let alone myself. For those that haven’t completely given up on me I appreciate the little texts. I appreciate the patience in waiting hours or days for me to respond. I promise one day I will have more time. Actually I can’t promise that I’m new to this whole mom thing and everyday something new pops up. Don’t give up on me! If anyone knows a new mom or mother to be know that we really want to respond. Sometimes I have imagined the response to the text and created a false memory that I actually sent the text but then days later realized I had never written back. lol.

Keep in touch. Send those little texts. Drop by and visit for a short while. Bring red WINE! Invite us everywhere even though more than likely we can’t go. It feels nice to be invited and thought of.

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